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Chiropractor in Lansing, MI, Gilead Healing Center

Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

Gilead’s licensed, professional counselors,  Michelle Nichols, Michael Kessler, and Jacqueline Whims specialize in applying faith based principles to the therapeutic process. They help individuals, couples, and families with the power of the Holy Spirit overcome emotional, spiritual and relational barriers to live a healthy life and experience healing and freedom in Christ.

Meet the Gilead Counseling Team

Meet Michelle Nichols, LMSW

Christian Counselor

Michelle Nichols is a Clinical Therapist specializing in Christian counseling. She has been in private practice as a Christian counselor for 15 years. Prior to that she worked as a family counselor in at-risk homes. She works with adults and couples on a variety of issues. She accepts many insurances and accepts a sliding scale. 

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Phone: (517) 930-3071



Michelle Nichols, LMSW

Michelle Nichols, LMSW

Meet Jacqueline Whims, LMSW

Christian Counselor

I believe it is important for individuals to feel safe and supported in therapy when going through challenging times in life. I work to create that safe environment for individuals, couples, and families through balancing acceptance and validation with change strategies.

I am trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). My experience includes working with various mental health diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance use disorders, behavioral addictive disorders, adjustment disorders, and personality disorders.

My specialty is assisting/collaborating in the healing and growth process from an emotional and spiritual perspective, focusing on enhancing motivation and helping clients apply skills and scripture to specific challenges and events in their lives. I teach skills from the four modules of DBT: Core Mindfulness skills, Distress Tolerance skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness skills, and Emotion Regulation skills.

I would count it an honor to come alongside you in taking next steps on your journey toward healing and wholeness (Philippians 1:6).

Jacqueline Whims

Jacqueline Whims, LMSW

Meet Michael F. Kessler, LMSW

Master of Clinical Social Work Michigan State University. State License in Clinical and Macro Social Work. Michael utilizes decades of training and experience to help clients “be transformed by the renewing of their mind” and to remove physiological blockades that keep them from LIVING WELL! He works with families, adults, married couples, premarital couples, groups, and organizations.


  • Twenty-five plus years as a Master’s-level Psychotherapist and Christian Counselor

  • Program Developer for Psychosocial Rehabilitation programs serving individuals with severe and persistent mental illness (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, co-occurring substance abuse, etc)

  • Executive Director of the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home For Children serving children and single mothers and fathers

  • Six plus years volunteering on the Michigan Supreme Court Foster Care Review Board

  • Strategic Planning, Grant writing and Grant Administration

  • Experience in assisting clients who are dealing with emotional repercussions from medical issues such as: Heart Disease, Diabetes, COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, Arthritis, Dementia, Diabetes, Pneumonia, etc


  • Christian Counseling (emphasis on “being TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind”)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Resilience Skills Training

  • Emotional IQ Skills Training

  • Implements an integrated approach focusing on Psychological / Spiritual / Biological / Social / Relational / Financial / Environmental impact on well-being

Michael F. Kessler, LMSW

Michael F. Kessler, LMSW

Speak with Michael today!

Phone: (517) 204-1604



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