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Gilead Healing Center Services

At Gilead Healing Center, we believe in offering patients a well-rounded approach to health and wellness that focuses on completely restoring function to their mind, body and spirit. Through chiropractic care, massage and nutritional testing, we can help you unlock your body’s full potential. Here’s how we do it!

Chiropractic Care in Lansing

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is all about finding the disturbances that lie within your nervous system (subluxation) and correcting them through focused, natural adjustments. Dr. Daigneault and Dr. Denise are skilled at providing patients of all ages, no matter how old or young, care that revives the mind and body. Through locating misaligned vertebrae that interferes with

Massage Therapy in Lansing


Whether you’re seeking a relaxing massage to get away for an hour or a therapeutic addition to your care following a chiropractic adjustment (or both!), our massage therapist, Vivian, can help rejuvenate your muscles through specific and focused sessions.

Nutritional Response Testing in Lansing

Nutritional Testing

Our team wants to help you achieve a healthy body, spirit and mind from the inside out, which is why understanding how to eat properly to get nutrients your body needs for proper function is so important. Through nutritional testing, our doctors can help you devise a plan unique to your needs which includes keeping a food diary and learning more about crafting a healthy diet.

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