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Healing Ministry in Lansing

Healing Ministry at Gilead Healing CenterAt our practice, we believe that to truly experience absolute health and wellness within the body, one must also be in tune with the power that God presents in our everyday lives. Gilead Healing Center isn’t just a wellness center, it’s a whole-being center with services that integrate into your spiritual practice for a thorough approach to your health. This point of view is bible-oriented with a focus on wellness not just for the individual but for the entire community. This path has allowed us to bear witness to countless miracles through the combined power of science, chiropractic, medicine and prayer.

Our healing center offers a safe space for patients to come, pray and focus on reconnecting their mind and body with the Lord. You don’t need to be a member of a specific church to enjoy these services and our community, simply contact us to make an appointment and we’ll evaluate your needs.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of our beautiful and calming healing center and look forward to seeing you.


Healing Ministry Lansing | (517) 319-5818